You can download and install it from that link. It’ll be updated sometimes (when I have the time).

You can press F to enter/exit fullscreen, ESC to exit. Move around with mouse and WASD

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This morning, while sick, I added Prowl-support to my SWTOR-app, so you can have iOS-notifications whenever your marked/checked server changes status.


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I was bored, so I whipped up a tool for my own use.

It checks the server status of the SWTOR-servers in EU.

And then one of my friends wanted it as a real tool (not just something in LINQPad) :)

So, feel free to download it. (It uses the swtor.com/server-status site to rip the info)


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You can download the project by clicking here.

You’ll have to change a few variables before you can start the project, for one; where your map is located and then how many chunks you want to render.

I haven’t finished the mapping of terrain.png to all those Vector2-indexes.

And also.. This is the first 3D-project, so please don’t yell and scream at me for doing stuff in the wrong way, I’d appreciate if you leave some comments with what I could do to make it better though :D

And I forgot about one thing, you’ll need Visual Studio 2010 and XNA 4.0 to run this project

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If you need some text translated into Swedish from English in your application (winforms, webapp, mobile app), just send me a mail with how many words there are, and I’ll send a quote.

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