This is for Unity 4.

Download me here

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I need some pointers in what people think would be better, performance-wise. (It’s not optimal to use strings as keys, I know)

Edit: This is the code I’m using right now. (Takes 2 seconds to fill those 33 million bytes) Although, then I’m limited to setting the max-values, and int.MaxValue in all dimensions doesn’t work (d’uh)


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You can download the remake of the game Ape attack!, once made by Ashen and me.

You can find it here: Attack Redux (MultiPlatform).zip


The original game can be found at

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Been a while since I posted anything.

The SNES is working, gonna install Win8 on it though.

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Since I saw this post on 9gag:

I made up my mind, so I ordered a SNES, so I can dissassemble it and create my very own version of that SNES Revolution. (Except for the excellent colours of course, I suck at that sort of things)

Will post images when I get each part to the PCSNES.

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